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"All types of

training for all types of  dogs." 

This site covers all aspects of Dog Training from my work with Pet Dogs to Film Work and Security Training.

If you've just got a new dog want general training, One to One sessions or classes go to Pet Dog Training 

It’s never too early to start Puppy Training

If you're thinking of getting a new dog let me help you with breed, diet, training equipment, home life,  then prepare for the arrival of your new K9 Partner, go to Before you get a dog

Handlers wishing to enrol on Sports style courses such as searching and tracking go to Scent Detection Courses

We also run courses for handlers wishing to take their training a little further for details go to Introduction to Training and Behaviour Courses

If you are enquiring about Film dogs or my work as a Police, Military adviser in Films and TV, go to my K9-FX Film Dogs Page,  for further information, go through The Knowledge or Contact the office.

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