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During his Police career Mic Martin was asked on many occasions to assist on Film and TV productions as a technical advisor, both with dogs and firearms. He now runs K9FX Film Dogs all types of dogs for all types of Media. 

K9FX Film Dogs, now has a large number of trained dogs for all types of shoots, from simple photo shoots to the larger production, we also work with several other well known animal trainers, and can usually provide any type of animal for your assignment.

When Deciding on Technical Advice for all things Police and Military from a small photo shoot to a larger production, Mic Martin and his team will be able to assist you at every step, from the early days of planning the shoot right through to dealing with movement of large groups of Support Artistes around the set, and even organising when and where teams are fed and watered.

Here is a selection of the companies and organisations Mic has worked with or trained dogs for.


FILMNET Supplied Dog and Cat Satellite TV


ANGLIA TV NEWS Technical Adviser   Police Anglia TV

STRANGE Supplied Dogs Biting BBC TV

JOHNNY ENGLISH Supplied Dogs Barking  

LOST BROTHERS  Alaskan Malamute running through dancers on a beach Music Video  

SONY PLAYSTATION Supplied Border Collie  

THE GIRLS Supplied Dog Biting Main character Independent film Nominated for 2007 Best Short

BATMAN The DARK KNIGHT  8 Police Dogs and Handlers, Dogs Biting, chases etc.

HARRY POTTER 4 Rottweiler’s Warner Brothers

DORIAN GREY Supplied Dogs

MISFITS Two Dogs on Balcony barking

SKINS Supplied Dogs

BLITZ  3 Dogs American Pitbull Terriers Barking and biting scenes

ENEMY WITHIN  Dog aggression scene

MY BROTHER THE DEVIL Stunt Dog Biting and Dog getting Stabbed and Stunt Man

ZAPY MUSIC VIDEO American Pitbull Terrier Barking


K9FX Film Dog Enquiries

drop us an e-mail with your requirements and we'll get back to you asap.

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