Buying or re-homing a new dog ? 

dog running with toy

The "Before you get a Dog Course"  is probably one of the most important courses that I do, helping you to decide which is the best breed for you and your family and what you need to do before the dog arrives. I think that most mistakes are made within the first two weeks of owning a new dog, some of  those mistakes will be very hard to fix later, this course unlocks the mystery behind successful dog ownership.

Following "The Mic Martin Complete Dog Training Plan"  allows you to control your new pet while also improving the quality of your dog’s life.

Without any doubt I will save you money on things like equipment, toys, diet, and save you hours of work. The Initial consultation is approximately 2 hours long, then you would have the availability of online consultations, until the dog is ready to attend the school for your first lesson.