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‘Meet Guild Trainer’   

Welcome to the Guild’s new feature, ‘Meet Guild Trainer…….’

I am excited and delighted to announce, that our first member to be featured is the amazing, talented and very well known trainer in the dog/tv world, Mic Martin.

If you didn’t already know, most dog trainers have massive egos and I’m no exception, so when I was asked to be the first trainer in the new meet the trainer section for the Guild, the old ego went even higher.

So, who is Mic Martin and what has he done? In short, a retired Police dog handler, pet dog trainer, sports dog trainer, security dog trainer, Specialist military advisor overseas, working trials competitor, specialist search Instructor, Tv personality and film dog trainer. So, I’ve done a bit and enjoyed every minute.

While I was still in “the job” I started studying behaviour and working on what I would like to do when I retired. It started the day I was on the set of “Willow” and met the dog trainer, she asked me about the bite shot, so I took some leave and went to watch the action. After that I met a few other film dog trainers and worked with them on my days off. I took more leave to go on sets and help.

My retirement came earlier than I thought after I got seriously injured so after 25 years I retired. I had made a lot of good friends in the film industry and managed to start my school at Leavesden Film Studios in Watford. Through my contacts there I started doing small film jobs, music videos, low budget stuff, I trained a company that specialises in Police Support artistes and we did loads of stuff together, with me supplying the dog handlers and specialist firearms officers. I also specialised in bite shots.

My reputation became very good, my crew always worked well, they are professional, well disciplined and popular with film crews, we always help with carrying kit and generally muck in. I always did the low paid student films as they are the directors of the future, So then I started being asked to do bigger films, Johnny English, Batman Dark Knight, Harry Potter Half Blood Prince, Blitz, have all come through working for the same company. It's all about reputation and doing a good job.

A lot of films involved the people I was training in my pet classes. We incorporated some film skills into all of our training, then as the handlers progressed we would ask them if they wanted to go onto our books. We also did film training days which were great fun.

As soon as I get a call I would always start with one of my guys, for example I had a film were the dog was “Dognapped” one of my ladies in the Sunday class had a dog that fitted the bill, a week later she was with me on set, most of the action was the stuff she had done in the classes, a fantastic experience for her even though she was very nervous.

Never work with kids or animals, is a very true statement, I did an advert involving a mouse a cat and dog, but they were all better behaved that the kid they used, the director said to me half way through the day, “Mic can’t you train that kid to listen” I just replied I could but I’ll stick to dogs they a far easier.

Standing behind the camera and working with Hollywood stars has been a dream. So, when the BBC came calling and asked me to stand in front of the camera for their new Dog Borstal programme the decision was easy. The format was simple enough, take a load of dog owners who in some way or another have all failed their dog. Put them in a military camp, and teach them some basic handling skills. Three trainers, three different styles, three different approaches.

Whenever you're deciding to get a dog remember the earlier you start training the better, I’ve developed a “before you get your dog course” The right dog for you and your family, the right food, sleeping arrangements, house breaking, crate training, the right equipment.

With someone there to help you get ready before arrival and through those first few weeks before the second jabs, has proved very helpful to thousands of my clients.

The members of the Guild are forward thinking modern professionals, with a passion to train all dogs. And can help you through every step of getting a new dog whether a new puppy or rehoming a rescue dog.

A trained dog is a happy dog.

Mic Martin x

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